Máy thu Trunk Amplifier

Model Trunk Amplifier
Bước sóng • 1310nm
• 1550nm
Kết nối • –
Trở kháng đầu ra 75Ω
Độ tiêu hao phản xạ 40dB
Mức điện bảo vệ RF 110

Tính năng khác ● Aluminum alloy die casting shell, the surface of spray paint imported hammer handle, good heat dissipation;

● Forward double module, pre-use BGY1085A or BGY885A, after the class to use CGD914 GaAs power amplifier, anti-

To a single module, advanced technology, stable performance;

● independent power supply installed in the side cap, between the power amplifier can be readily interchangeable, easy maintenance, is conducive to enhancing the efficiency,

Ensure that the network flow;

● Two-way filters, equalizer, attenuator, forward and reverse amplification module plug-in design, structure compatible with the imported products,

Easy to use;

● 860MHz Bandwidth, 1000MHz motherboard platform, easy to upgrade
Nguồn cấp (V) 220